Visit a museum

no materials
> 60 min.


  • The learner can understand information when visiting a museum or exhibition.
  • The learner can give and ask information on what is exhibited.
  • The learner can give his opinion on what is exhibited.


  • Choose a museum/exhibition relevant to a treated topic.
  • Make the reservation and share date, time and location, e.g. in the Whatsapp group.
  • Check if there is a group discount or free entrance.
  • Check if the museum has a guide who can explain in a language adapted to the level of the learners.
  • Check whether there is information (leaflets, questionnaires…) specifically aimed at language learners.
  • Prepare the visit by introducing the museum/exhibition/artist(s).


  • Meet the learners at the agreed place and time.
  • Before entering, give the necessary guidelines: no touching, possibly no photographing, no running…
  • You can let the learners walk freely or under guidance of yourself or a museum guide, with or without a questionnaire.
  • Take a group photo before or after entering the building.
  • Write down new words and recurring/interesting questions from the learners during the visit.
  • If you used a questionnaire, correct and comment the answers.
  • Evaluate your visit to the museum during the next lesson, using your notes and photos taken on the tour (if allowed).


  • Instead of introducing the museum/exhibition, ask the learners to search for information on the internet and share what they
    find/have found.
  • Ask the learners (individually or in pairs) to choose one exhibited item. Let them search for information about it so that they can comment on it during the visit.