Line hopping

incl. materials
15 min.


  • The learner can memorize numbers and colors.
  • The learner can understand simple instructions.


Cards with images of the vocabulary related to the treated topic.


Mark a line of at least four meters on the floor.


  • Divide the group into teams of two or three people.
  • One learner stands at the end of the line. S/he shows the cards one by one.
  • The other learner stands at the beginning of the line and follows your instructions:
    Jump and land on your left leg on the left side of the line.
    Jump and land with both legs on the right side of the line.
    Repeat the pattern.
  • While jumping the line, the learner names what is shown on the cards.
  • When the learner reaches the end of the line, s/he starts from the beginning, with a more complex pattern.
  • Switch roles.

Tips for the instructor

  • Once the learner is comfortable doing the pattern, increase the level of difficulty by adding clapping the hands or touching the shoulder. This keeps the brain active.
  • Combine this exercise with exercises 36 and 37 to make a trail.

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