Great! All right! Bad!

incl. materials
15 min.


  • The learner can give information about his/her well-being.
  • The learner can ask someone information about his/her well-being.


Something to mark positions on the floor.


Teach or repeat these standard expressions:
Hello, how are you?
1. Great.
2. All right.
3. Bad.


  • Every learner stands on a marked position, forming a circle; one learner
    stands in the middle.
  • The learner in the middle asks a learner in the circle: Hello, how are you?
  • If the learner answers 1, nothing happens.
  • If the learner answers 2, his/her direct neighbors switch places.
  • If the learner answers 3, all learners switch places.
  • While learners are switching places, the learner in the middle tries to get hold of a spot in the circle.
  • The learner who has lost his/her spot in the circle, goes to the middle.


The learners can move in a specific way only, e.g. by jumping or walking backwards.

Tips for the instructor

To avoid that the same answer is repeated consecutively, add the rule that an answer cannot be given more than three times in a row.