The market chat

incl. materials
oral, written
> 60 min.


The learner can ask and give information while shopping at the market.


  • For every pair of learners a set of cut-up dialogue.
  • Coloured paper


  • Make a standard dialogue between a market vendor and a customer, e.g.
    ▪     Good morning, can I help you?
    ▪     Yes, thank you. I’d like …
    ▪     Anything else?
    ▪     No, that will do.
    ▪     Would you like a bag, the receipt…?
  • Cut up the dialogue: a slip of paper for every sentence.
  • Use different coloured paper for each set so you do not lose time when recollecting the sets.
  • If you will reuse the sets, laminate the paper.


  • Divide the group into pairs.
  • Give each pair a set of sentences and ask them to arrange the cards so they form a logical conversation.
  • Once the dialogue is in the correct order, let the learners practice both roles.
  • Go to the local market and let the learners in small groups buy a specific item, e.g. an onion. Learners can seize the opportunity to do their shopping.
  • Stimulate the learners to talk as much as possible and take pictures and/or videos of one another.

Tips for the instructor

  • Check the days and hours the local market is on.
  • Close the visit with a drink at the market or in a cafe. Sharing informal moments together stimulates the learning pleasure and the group dynamics.
  • Check if the school or learning center has a budget for extramural activities.