Supermarket search

incl. materials
> 60 min.


  • The learner can ask information in the supermarket
  • The learner can find by him/herself the meaning of new words.


Cards with assignments, e.g.
Name five dairy products.
What is the cheapest fresh vegetable?
What is the most expensive alcoholic drink?
What are the opening hours?
Are there interesting promotions?
How many cash desks are there?
How many cash desks are open?
Where do you find the cookies, meat, cheese… (good questions for practicing the prepositions)


Write assignments related to shopping in a supermarket on cards.



  • Make small groups.
  • Give each group different assignment cards, so that the learners will not get in each other’s way in the supermarket.
  • Tell the learners to ask the shop staff for help if they cannot complete their assignment.


Next lesson

  • Form a circle.
  • Discuss the assignments: how did each group complete the assignment?
  • Set a timer for 5 seconds and let the learners pass the timer on.
    When the alarm goes off, the learner holding the timer mentions a word that s/he has learned in the supermarket.
    Each word may be mentioned only once.



  • One learner mentions a word that s/he has learned during this exercise.
  • The next learner mentions the meaning of that word and adds a new word.
  • And so on.

Tips for the instructor

  • Before the visit, ask the supermarket for permission.
  • And the end of the visit, let the learners thank the shop staff.