Right Wing

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15 min.


The learner can use new vocabulary.


Find an audio report on a topic, related to the vocabulary you want to consolidate, e.g. sports game, a specific situation in a hospital, a school, shop, family…


  • Divide the learners into two or more teams and let them sit down in a row.
  • Listen to the audio report and analyze it, e.g.

    What is it about?
    Which sports positions are mentioned? (e.g. goalkeeper, striker…)
    Which actions are mentioned? (e.g. strike, nursing…)
    Which persons/roles are mentioned? (doctor, patient, salesperson,
    teacher, father…)

  • Link every position, action or role to a learner in each team, e.g. every
    team should have a goalkeeper. The learners linked to the same item, should sit in the same spot in their respective row.
  • Read the audio report again. When a position, action or role is mentioned, the learners linked to it, stand up, run around all teams and get back to their spot. Do not forget to tell in what direction they should run.
  • The fastest learner gets a point for his/her team.

The game is finished when the audio report is over.

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