Old Skool Postcard

incl. materials
15 min.


The learner can write and send a postcard for specific occasions.


·                     For every learner a postcard and a stamp.
·                     Blackboard


Write name and address of the receiver(s) on the blackboard.


·                     Have a group conversation about sending postcards, e.g.
Who still writes postcards?
For what occasions?
Where do you buy postcards?
Do you send postcards when on a holiday?

  • Decide together to whom you will send a postcard.
  • Teach or repeat standard sayings for specific occasions (birthdays, births, weddings, new house, retirement, condolences…). Write them on the blackboard.

·                     Draw the back side of a postcard on the blackboard. Divide the card in two columns.
·                     Write the postcard together by asking these questions:
What do we write in the left column?
What do we write in the right column?
What is the format of an address?
Where do we put the stamp?

·                     Discuss when the card should arrive. Decide when the learners should post it.
·                     Let the learners write their own postcard.


Let the learners write and send a postcard with a compliment to another learner. Make sure that everyone receives a postcard.

Closing up

Have a closing up conversation some sessions later.
Have you received your postcard?
How many days was the postcard on its way?
How did you feel when finding the postcard in your mailbox?
Have you answered? Will you answer?

Tips for the instructor

  • Check if there are specific occasions coming up in the group, the school, the language center… These are real and therefore nice occasions to send someone a postcard.
  • Take the opportunity to add an ‘On The Go exercise’: go with your group to a post office to buy stamps and put the postcard in the mailbox.
  • You can find free postcards in cafes, bars, cinemas, theatres, libraries, universities and galleries.