incl. materials
30 min.


The learner can consolidate new vocabulary.


  • Paper and pens
  • Newspapers, magazines


  • Divide the group into pairs.
  • Explain the term ‘internationalisms’: an internationalism or international word is a loanword that occurs in several languages, with the same or at least similar meaning and etymology. The advantage of internationalisms is that they are words already known by the learners.
  • Give and ask for examples: OK, ball, coach, tennis, halal, yoga, transport, tsunami, hotel, radio, police, smartphone…
  • Ask each pair to find internationalisms, in a newspaper, magazine, on signs or posters in the room, on packages, bottles…

Discuss the internationalisms together.


Make the exercise competitive: the pair who comes up with the most words, wins.

Tips for the instructor

For advanced learners: internationalisms are a good introduction to analyze affixes (prefixes and suffixes), e.g. ‘tele’ means ‘far’; ‘re’ indicates repetition, ‘anti’ means ‘against’…

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