no materials
15 min.


  • The learner can give and ask information.
  • The learner can understand simple instructions.


  • Form a circle, everyone standing at arm’s length from each other, facing each other.
  • Ask the learners to hold their arms in front of them and to close their eyes.
  • Ask them to put their left hand out, and take another hand at random.
  • Ask them to do the same with their right hand.
  • The learners are not allowed to hold both hands of the same person or the hand of their neighbour.
  • Ask the learners to open their eyes.
  • Ask the learners to untie the hitch as quickly as possible. They are not allowed to let go of the hands they are holding.
  • Record the time.


  • Repeat the exercise with the challenge to improve the time.
  • Discuss afterwards the most efficient way to untie.

Tips for the instructor

Divide bigger groups into two or three teams.