Good day, bad day

no materials
30 min.


The learner can use intonation to enforce a message.


Practice the dialogue at first in a neutral mood. The learners can concentrate on the words and phrases. Add the mood when they master the dialogue quite well, so that they are confident enough to improvise and use their intonation.


  • Divide the group into an inner and an outer circle.
  • Tell the inner circle they are bus drivers, in a good mood.
  • Tell the outer circle they are passengers, in a bad mood.
  • Let the passengers buy a ticket.
  • Change the moods: drivers in a bad mood, passengers in a good mood, everybody in a good mood and everybody in a bad mood.


Change the roles: parent – child, neighbours, salesperson – customer…

Closing up

Share and write down new words and phrases that came up in the dialogues.