Your future

incl. materials
oral, written
45 min.


The learner can talk about his/her future.


  • Post-its and pens
  • A large picture or drawing of a fortune teller.
  • Tables


  • Give each learner a post-it.
  • Let the learners write down individually what they will do on a given moment in the future, all starting their sentence in the same way, e.g. In 2025, Next week, Next year, I will…
  • Let them hang their post-it on the poster of the fortune teller.
  • When everybody is done, ask each learner to comment on his/her future plan.


Learners write a post-it for each other:

In 2025, you will…’
In 2025, s/he will…

Tips for the instructor

Ask learners to write positive statements only!