World Wide

incl. materials
oral, written
15 min.


  • The learner can consolidate vocabulary about means of transport.
  • The learner can describe images.


  • Internet connection
  • Smartphones
  • Images of means of transport typical for your country
  • Blackboard


  • Show images of various means of transport. Name them and give relevant information.
  • Use the means of transport in a sentence, e.g.
             I take the tram.
             I move by moped.
             I cycle to the train station.
  • Ask the learners to search for images of means of transport typical for their country.
  • Let the learners talk about their images. Possible questions:
             Do you own one?
             Do you use it?
             Do you have a subscription?
             Is it expensive?
             How fast does it go?
             Do you need a driving license?
  • Write relevant and/or new words on the blackboard.

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