What about volunteering?

incl. materials
30 min.


The learner can consolidate vocabulary about volunteer work.


  • Job offers for volunteer work: look on websites for volunteer work, in the supermarket, in the (neighborhood)
  • Blackboard


  • Let the learners make associations with the words. Make a word web on the blackboard.
  • Have a group conversation.
    • Who has ever done volunteer work?
    • What did you like?
    • What did you like less?
    • Where did you find the job?
    • Who does volunteer work?
    • What kind of work?
    • Who would like to? Why?
    • Which work would suit you? Why?
    • Where would you like to work? Why?


  • Let the learners choose one job offer.
  • Let each learner motivate his/her choice. Why would they make a good candidate?

Tips for the instructor

Ensure that the learners are not restrained by obstacles such as diplomas, permits and other issues; it is just an exercise for inspiration. Perhaps the learners have never thought of certain options before.


Volunteer websites
(In the Netherlands: such as Volunteer Centre Amsterdam: