Touch and tell

incl. materials
15 min.


The learner can describe an object by touching it.


·                    A non-transparent bag with a small opening
·                    Objects related to the treated topic, e.g. Food: a pepper mill, an orange, broccoli, a spoon…


  • Fill the bag with a dozen objects.
  • Teach relevant words, e.g. colours, shapes, materials, size, flavours, etc.
  • Teach relevant sentences to describe the objects, e;g.
    It is …
    You can eat, bake, cook it …
    I like it, because it is …


  • Sit in a circle around a table.
  • Explain how the exercise works by describing the first object, e;g. a strawberry: It’s small, it’s red, it’s sweet. On the inside there are white seeds. The outside is smooth. You can eat it. It is healthy. It is a fruit. A small piece is green, which you cannot eat.
  • Don’t mention the name of the object!


  • Let the other learners ask questions and let them guess.
  • When everyone has had a turn, take all the objects out of the bag and ask each learners to choose, name and describe an object.
  • Record the learners when they are talking and listen to this recording together.
  • Ask them Who talks easily?
    What’s it like to hear your own voice?
    What’s it like to hear yourself speaking in another language?