incl. materials
15 min.


  • The learner can ask and give information.
  • The learner can use his creative skills to formulate an answer.


Two chairs


  • Put two chairs in a row facing the audience.
  • A first learner stands on the last chair, a second sits on the first chair and a third sits on the floor in front of the chairs. Together they form the Totem, who holds the answer to all questions.
  • Let the other learners ask the Totem whatever they want.
  • The Totem answers the questions word by word: each member of the Totem says one word, starting by the one sitting on the floor.
  • The Totem decides when an answer is complete.
  • Repeat this exercise with different totems, so that everybody participates in a totem.

Tips for the instructor

This exercise is less suitable for beginners.