The do’s and don’ts of job interviews

incl. materials
15 min.


The learner can apply for a job, both verbally and non-verbally.


  • Internet if you are working with videos
  • Board


Look for videos, photos, cartoons and or other illustrations about job interviews.
Make questions about the dos and don’ts of job interviews.


  • Show your visual material about a job interview.
  • Let the learners comments on the visuals
    • What dos do you see?
    • What don’ts do you see?
    • What advice would you give to the interviewee?
    • What advice would you give to the interviewer?
    • Tell about good job interviews you had.
    • Tell about bad job interviews you had.
  • Write the dos on the board.
  • Finish with something funny, in which the don’ts are exaggerated.


  • Once the learners are armed with good structures, let them role-play, alternating a ‘do interview’ with a ‘don’t interview’.