Tailor made CV

incl. materials
oral, written
> 60 min.


The learner can give information about his/her personality, skills and work experience, trainings, languages and hobbies.


For every learner a copy of the CV-format.


Create a CV format with the following headings: personal data, passport photo, personality/characteristics, education/trainings, work experience, languages and hobbies.


  • Hand out the CV-format and let the learners complete all the information.
  • Let the learners take a picture of each other suitable for inclusion in the CV. Check the pictures.
  • Work out the CVs digitally, add the photo and turn each CV into a beautiful document that the learner can be proud of.

Closing up

  • Give each learner his/her printed CV.
  • Ask them to comment on it.
  • Let the learners exchange their printed CVs and name what they like about it.

Tips for the instructor

  • Working out the CVs digitally is quite a time consuming task for the trainer.
  • This exercise is primarily intended to empower the learner. Focus on bringing out the strengths of each learner.