Sing a song!

incl. materials
oral, written
30 min.


The learner can understand a song.


  • For every learner a printed version of the lyrics.
  • Blackboard.


  • Look for a suitable song on Youtube.
  • Share the link in the WhatsApp group.
  • Make a list of relevant questions about the song.


  • Play the song a couple of times, without showing the clip.
  • Ask questions after every listening round, starting with general questions.
    ▪             Do you know the song?
    ▪             Who sings the song? How do you imagine the singer?
    ▪             Which emotions does this song evoke?
    ▪             Do you like the song?
    ▪             What words do you hear several times in this song?
    ▪             How often do you hear the word(s)?
    ▪             Which rhyming words do you hear?
    ▪             What other words do you hear?
  • Write the words that have been recognized in the correct order on the blackboard, so the structure of verse and chorus appears.
  • Show the clip and complete the text.
  • Explain new words.
  • Discuss the content of the song.
  • Sing the song together.

Tips for the instructor

  • Beginners: sometimes it is enough to work on the chorus only.
  • Play and sing the song during following lessons. Repetition and recognition make it fun and meaningful.
  • Encourage the learners to sing along by singing yourself.