Run and Write

incl. materials
45 min.


  • The learner can pronounce texts correctly.
  • The learner can spell correctly.


  • Paper & Pens
  • Tables


Choose or write a text, related to known topics.


  • Divide the group into tandems: a ‘writer’ and a ‘runner’.
  • Let the writers sit down, with paper and pen.
  • Let the runners stand a few meters away from their tandem writer, each with the text on a table behind them.
  • Each runner reads and memorizes as much as s/he can, runs to his writer and dictates what s/he remembers. A runner is not allowed to write!
  • Each writer writes down what s/he hears. S/he can ask the writer to repeat and to spell if necessary.
  • Once a tandem has finished, the instructor checks if there are no mistakes. The instructor indicates the misspelled words; the tandem corrects.
  • The first tandem to complete a correctly spelled text, is the winner.

Tips for the instructor

  • Tell the learners it is easier to remember and dictate sentence per sentence.
  • Choose the length of the text according to the group level.