In a row

incl. materials
15 min.


The learner can ask and give personal information.




Think of questions related to the treated topic, e.g.
How tall are you?
How old are you?In which year were you born?
In which month were you born?
What is the first letter of your family name?
What’s your house number?


  • Ask and answer your question, e.g. My house number is 54.
  • Ask a learner to answer the question. If his/her house number is lower than yours, s/he moves to your left. If it is higher, he/she moves to your right.
  • Let the learners ask each other the question and make a row, according to the answers.
  • When every learner has found a place in the row, check if the lineup is correct by having everybody question the neighbour on one side and answer the neighbour on the other side.


Let the learners think of a question.

Tips for the instructor

·                     This is a suitable exercise for a first lesson.
·                     Write the questions and new words on the blackboard.