Draw to tell

incl. materials
60 min.


  • The learner can understand a story.
  • The learner can tell a story.


Paper and pen


Find a story suitable for the level of the group, whether or not related to the treated topic.


  • Recite a story.
  • Recite the story a second time, now in parts.
  • Ask the learners after each part to make a drawing of the narrated part, using a different sheet of paper for each part.
  • Continue till the entire story is told and drawn.
  • Ask the learners, one by one, to tell a part of the story, using their
  • Ask a learner to remove the first drawing and repeat the first part.
  • Continue till all sheets are removed and the learners have narrated the entire story by heart, in chronological order.


Let the learners work in pairs.

Tips for the instructor

  • Stress that the quality of the drawings in not important.
  • Delimit the time of drawing.
  • Funny stories work better.
  • A story specific to your culture gives the learners a chance to learn more about their new country.