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no materials
oral, written
45 min.


The learner can give information on what s/he has learned.


Collect attractive visual material you used and the learners made during the sessions.


  • Sit around a table.
  • Explain that the learners are going to give a presentation to an audience about what they have done and learned in class. Everyone has to invite someone.
  • Brainstorm with the group:
    • What can we show?
    • How will we show it?
    • What worked well in our sessions?
    • What of your own work do you want to show?
  • Write down all the ideas.
  • Check together the messages in the Whatsapp group for inspiration.
  • Take the necessary time to prepare and practice the presentation.
  • Let them practice in class and present to each other.
  • Think about who is going to welcome the guests, introduce the presentation, recite and tell.
  • Agree on the place, date and time of the presentation.

Tips for the instructor

  • Ideas for the presentation: show movies that were made during the lessons, recite poems, let the learners tell a story, sing a song with karaoke, exhibit work that has been made/created, etc.
  • The presentation is a festive closure of a series of lessons: take pictures!