One up, two to the right

incl. materials
oral, written
15 min.


The learner can understand simple instructions for drawing.


Checkered paper and a pencil for everyone.


Draw a trajectory on checkered paper, filling in the relevant squares.


  • Hand out checkered paper.
  • Let the learners copy your trajectory by giving them instructions, e.g.
    Put your pen in the left bottom corner.
    Color that square.
    Go one square up. Color this square and two squares to the right. You have now three coloured squares next to each other.
    Go two squares up and color them both. You have now three coloured squares above each other
  • And so on until the learners have completed the trajectory.
  • Compare the results with your drawing.

Tips for the instructor

·                    Let (volunteering) learners repeat each instruction.
·                    This is a good introduction to the more complicated task of showing   someone the way. Go slowly.
·                    You can add colours as an instruction.