My keychain

incl. materials
15 min.


The learners can give personal information.


Your own and the learners’ keychains.


·                     Sit in a circle.
·                     Start by using your own keychain. With each key, give detailed personal information, e.g.
                      This is my house key. I live amidst the fields in a small pink house. I have been living there for fourteen years now…
                      This is the key of my electric bike. It’s new and flashy green. When the weather is fine, I bike to school. It takes me half an hour…
                      This is the key of my car. It’s a Dacia van, easy to transport things. I can sleep in it too. It’s the cheapest van on the market…
·                     Let the learners take turns telling about their keychain, to the group or in pairs.


Ask the learners to pass on their keychain to someone else who repeats what s/he remembers. It doesn’t have to be the right key.

Tips for the instructor

It is a good exercise to practice the tenses.