Clip Talk

incl. materials
15 min.


The learner can describe what s-he has seen.


  • A device to show videos
  • List with words and corresponding illustrations, relating to the video


Choose some videos, related to the treated topic or to a grammatical function you want to consolidate. Many videos will do: tutorials for training the imperative mood, narratives to train the past tense, cute animal videos to broaden the vocabulary.


  • Watch a video together.
  • Talk about the video together.
  • Ask questions, e.g.
    How long does this video last?

    Where and when does it take places?.
    How many people/animals do you see?
    Can you describe them?
    Can you describe the setting?
    Can you describe the actions?
    Can you describe the weather?


  • Send one learner out of the room, with the list of vocabulary. Ask him/her to have a look at it.
  • Let the other learners watch the video. The video and talking should not take more than five minutes.
  • Discuss which words the learners know and need to describe what they have seen.
  • Call the learner back into the room.
  • Let the learners describe to him/her what they have seen.


Video 1 about an analogue clock from artist Maarten Baas:

Video 2 about a digital clock by artist Maarten Baas: