A cook in the classroom

incl. materials
60 min.


The learner can name vocabulary about cooking and healthy food.


In consultation with the cook.


·         Find a cook/nutrition expert or someone else who knows a lot about cooking and healthy eating.
·         Prepare the lesson together and determine what material is needed.


·         The cook teaches.
·         Think of a good opening of the lesson / introduction of the cook and a nice, fitting closing.
·         Make notes of important new words and expressions.
·         Discuss these words and expressions later with the learners.

Tips for the instructor

·         Prepare the learners for the visit of the cook in the previous lesson.
·         Show them images to build up prior knowledge.
·         Make a ‘did-you-know-that’ list with the help of the cook, with easy-to-remember tips.
·         Teach the learners some tricks, like: how to quickly cut an onion, or how to get a cork out of a bottle without a corkscrew, etc.
·         Include the skills of the learners: what tips and tricks do they have?